The paper entitled “Beyond Responsive Design: Context-Dependent Multimodal Augmentation of Web Applications” has been presented durign the ‘Context-Aware and Location-Aware Services Track’ of the 11th International Conference on Mobile Web Information Systems (MobiWis 2014). The conference was held in Barcelona (Spain) on August 27th-29th. It presents a solution for obtaining automatic augmentation of Web applications in such a way as to enable them to exploit various combinations of graphical and vocal modalities according to the context of use.

The paper has been published at the ACM DL where it is available online for download.

Serenoa project came to an end on September 30th and to summarize our recent activities and latest achievements the 6th and last newsletter of the project has just been produced. All partners contributed with the contents and the Newsletter 6 is now available online. This newsletter announces the final review meeting of the project, informs about the call for papers of EICS”2014, reports the CASFE”2013 workshop, 3rd Industrial Advisory Board Meeting, and last Consortium Meeting. It also briefly describes the contents of 6 deliverables recently published, 3 prototypes developed and 3 conferences attended. This newsletter also contains information about the updated status of the working group on MBUI and the achievements sheet.

The paper entitled “Enhancing Collaborative Sketching Activities with Context-aware Adaptation Guidelines” has been presented durign the ‘Web and Social Networks Track’ of the 19th Brazilian Symposium on Multimedia and the Web (WebMedia 2013). The conference was held in Salvador (Bahia) on November 5th-8th. It targets at presenting and discussing the advances in research and technology concerning Multimedia, Hypermedia and the Web, bringing together researchers and practitioners.

The paper has been published at the ACM DL where it is available online for download.

The slides of the presentation have been published in SlideShare:

Serenoa project came to an end on September 30th. The last efforts have been concentrated in concluding and submitting all the remaining deliverables for the commission to review. Now the project partners start to plan, organize and arrange the presentations for the last consortium meeting and for the final review meeting. These meetings will take place in Brussels on November 25th and 26th.

As one of the final activities for the dissemination actions of the project, this week, on October 1st, the paper entitled “Quill: Simplifying the Development of Cross-Platform Web User Interfaces by Collaborative Model-based Design” has been presented during SigDoc (

Serenoa reaches its last month, and to summarize the scope of the project and its main results, an achievement sheet has been prepared. It concerns information about Serenoa, including its scope, achievements, applications, benefits, and impact.

The achievements sheet is part of a report of all FP7 ICT Call 5 projects to be disseminated by the Commission services.

The Serenoa project comes to an end on September 30th. To conclude the remaining work SizeGenetics reviews, the Serenoa partners have been actively involved in finalizing the set of deliverables that are planned for M37. This set includes 14 deliverables, involving the 2nd and 3rd releases of several tasks of the project. These deliverables will be soon sent to the reviewers of the project, and they cover different outcomes of Serenoa, including: the third releases of the Reference Models Specifications, Languages, Authoring Environments, Application Prototypes, and Exploitation plan, and also the second releases of the Adaptation Engine, Runtime Infrastructure, Serenoa Framework, Evaluation Results and Standardization Report.

These deliverables will be presented and discussed during the Final Review Meeting of the project, which is scheduled to take place on November 26th in Brussels, hosted at UCL venues, in Woluwe.

Serenoa partners of W3C, UCL and CNR/ISTI joined the 4th face-to-face meeting of the W3C working group on model-based user interfaces. The meeting is part of the standardization efforts of Serenoa project. It took place on July 10th and 11th at RedHat – Munich (Germany) and counted with 11 participants of different institutions and universities. The meeting was dedicated to decide the last changes needed on the AUI document before publishing its first working draft. Moreover, the participants discussed the next updates for the task model and planned their future efforts.

The creation of the community group has also been announced. The community group named Ubiquitous Applications is open for public participation and aims at reaching more industrial interest in the domain. More information about this WG can be accessed online.

The minutes of the face-to-face meeting are also publicly available. They can be retrieved at the website of the group.

The 2nd CASFE workshop took place on June 24th at City University London in U.K. Participants from academia and industry presented their papers, discussed ideas and exchanged their experiences about adaptation of service front-ends. The proceedings of the workshop will be published soon. All the papers and presentations will be publicly available at the website of the event.

The CASFE’2013 was followed by the 3rd Advisory Board Meeting of Serenoa that took place on June 24th also in the City University London. An overview of the project has been firstly presented to internal and external advisors that then could provide their recommendations and advice about the future works. The advisors presented to the project partners a set of potential exploitation actions to be considered.

The consortium meeting of Serenoa took place on June 25th and 26th. This is the last consortium meeting of the project before the final review meeting. The goal was to prepare for the final review meeting, synchronizing all the latest achievements of the group, and also to start the arrangements for the final of the project. One of the important decisions that was taken concern the creation of the community group on Ubiquitous Application Design which will aid to bring industrial partners to discuss the standardization actions of the MBUI WG.

  • On June 24th, from 9a.m. to 1p.m., the 2nd Serenoa workshop will take place in London, CASFE'2013 will be co-located with EICS (the fifth ACM SIGCHI Symposium on Engineering Interactive Computing Systems). The agenda for the presentations has already been defined, and it is available online. The participants of this workshop are also invited to attend a tutorial about Creativity and Agile development that will take place on Monday evening.
  • Also on June 24th (Monday), the third Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) Meeting of Serenoa project will take place. This event joins participants of the project and external practitioners. The IAB meeting targets at the main exploitation actions for the Serenoa project.
  • On June 25th and 26th, Serenoa partners will meet in London for a consortium meeting, the goal is to synchronize their works and also to plan the last phases of the project before the final review meeting.

The 7th IEEE International Conference on Research Challenges on Information Science took place from May 29th to 31st in Paris, France. RCIS goals include providing an international forum for scientists, researchers, engineers and developers from a wide range of information science areas to exchange ideas and approaches in this evolving field. While presenting research findings and state-of-the-art solutions, participants are invited to share experiences on new research challenges.

The conference involved topics as requirements engineering, human-computer interaction, user centred approaches and knowledge management. Adaptation has been presented on Thursday afternoon, through the paper entitled “A Computational Framework for Context-aware Adaptation of User Interfaces”. The slides and paper are available online.

Serenoa project has been concluded yesterday, when the final review meeting took place in Brussels at the EU venues. All deliverables have been successfully approved and the reviewers evaluated both the progress of the project and the final achievements as satisfactor for Sizegeneticsy. A set of five demos have been presented as well as the outcomes of all work packages of the project. The goal was to demonstrate to the officer and to the reviewers all the Serenoa achievements. A final assessment report, containing further details about the evaluation, is being prepared and it will be soon delivered by the project officer.

Some of the source code of the applications generated are publicly available, and can be retrieved from a repository hosted at google code. Moreover, all the deliverables have been published in the website, most of them are available for public access. Serenoa counts with an extensive list of dissemination documents, covering specific activities and tasks of the project, such documents complement the contents of the deliverables and can be retrieved also online at our website.