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Project Timeline


The main research topics that will be addressed in the project and the dimensions that will be considered in order to produce innovative results.

WP1 will be dedicated to the relevant requirements that will be elicited using the best available techniques.

The research work will be mainly carried out in WP2 and WP3, while WP4 will focus on how to integrate the various research contribution in an innovative service platform.

Another important WP is the one dedicated to the applications domains identified (business and games), in a specific section we will discuss the specific aspects we plan to address in order to apply the service platform to them.

Then we will have other WPs dedicated to Evaluation, Dissemination and Exploitation, and Management.


Work Package List Overview

Work Pakage N°
Work Package Title Start Month
End Month
Requirements and Scenarios
WP2 Dynamic Generations of Migratory User Interface in Multi-device Environments 4
WP3 System support for migratory application Interworking
4 24
WP4 Integrated migratory-service platform
4 27
WP5 Applications 4 25
WP6 Testing and Evaluation
6 30
WP7 Dissemination / Standardisation
1 30
WP8 Project Management
1 30
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